Using Third-Party Libraries


PyPI is the Python Package Index. It provides a central index of Python packages, any of which can be installed with a single command.

Not to be confused with PyPy, an alternative Python interpreter.


Use the pip command to install libraries into a virtual environment.

For example:

$ workon sysadmin # Activate virtualenv
(sysadmin)$ pip install ipython

If you really must install a library system-wide, please first look and see if a reasonable version of the library is available from your system’s package manager.

Finding Packages

Google (Bing, etc) is your friend. So is Pip:

$ pip search mysql
sqlbean                   - A auto maping ORM for MYSQL and can bind with memcached
chartio                   - Setup wizard and connection client for connecting MySQL/PostgreSQL databases to Chartio
tiddlywebplugins.mysql2   - MySQL-based store for tiddlyweb
MySQL-python              - Python interface to MySQL
lovely.testlayers         - mysql, postgres nginx, memcached cassandra test layers for use with zope.testrunner
zest.recipe.mysql         - A Buildout recipe to setup a MySQL database.